Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fake player of IPL

This person is the talk of the country right now. Almost all the newspapers are talking about him. He is revealing the information of inside about the IPL teams and specially Kolkata Knight Riders.

I went through all the posts that he has posted till now and from the looks of it, its definitely someone from inside the team. It maybe a player or maybe a non playing staff but someone for real is writing all that. He is giving everyone, on the ground and off the ground, a nickname that will definitely stick with them for a really long time. He has mentioned places and names and some really nasty details about the people there.

If you read the blog closely, you will realize that he has become a lot more cautious now. The posts have very less information and all the information is indirect. Now he has even started reporting about the fact that the management is on a serious hunt to find out who this person is.

He started the blog to express his anger and never expected it to be a such a big hit. But he did make a mistake. He let out the fact that he uses a Macbook Pro in his first post, something I am pretty sure not more than 5 people would have on that team.

Dravid on paternity leave

Dravid has been the best batsman this season for Bangalore, leading the team charts with 144 runs at a strike-rate of 135.84. His absence will affect Bangalore,as they are struggling. His side have lost three of their four matches so far, and have a tough game against the in-form Delhi Daredevils on Sunday.
Dravid had been expected to miss a part of the IPL on paternity leave, and it was one of the reasons franchise owner Vijay Mallya gave for replacing him with  Kevin Pietersen as captain for the second season.

Rahul Dravid plays it straight back past the bowler, Bangalore Royal Challengers v Deccan Chargers, IPL, 8th game, Cape Town, April 22, 2009